Developing a Yoga Practice

Whether you were called to visit my website for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual guidance; Let's answer that call and delve into your practice of self-exploration and expansion. 

Yoga "Yuj" (to unite)

A persons yoga practice can have its own individual meaning to the self and has always been approached as mechanism for inner wellbeing. The origins of yoga dates back before all religions as an ancient spiritual discipline that focuses on the harmony between the mind and the body; breathe and movement; human and nature; individual consciousness and universal consciousness. Physical and mental health are natural consequences of yoga but the purpose of yoga is more vast.

Science is only catching up now with what we Yogis always knew about the benefits of Yoga... What will you discover? 

1-1 Personalized Sessions

Receive customized attention and support with One on One Personalized Yoga Sessions, a unique and highly beneficial way to transform your physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. Whether you're just starting and is looking to build a strong foundation or an experienced yogi looking to deepen your practice I will work with you by offering personalized guidance to help refine your technique, develop greater self-awareness and achieve your wellness goals. Personalized yoga sessions are tailored specifically to you and your abilities, ensuring that you get the most out of your practice

$90 per session

Packages available upon request

Private Group Sessions

Private group sessions are a great way to build relationships and strengthen the bond of your group. They are designed to create a customized and enjoyable practice that meets the needs of all. In our private group sessions I will guide your you through a series of movements that are accessible for all levels of experience. Whether you are planning a wellness gathering, or a team-building event or a reunion with friends and family or just looking to deepen your practice with other yogis, there will be something for everyone. 

2 People per session $130

3 People per session $160

4 People per session $180

Group of 5-10 per session $200 

Group of 10 -15 per session $250

Packages available upon request

Online Sessions

Online classes offer all the benefits of in-person yoga classes, with the added convenience of being able to practice from anywhere at any time. Whether you're traveling, short on time, or simply prefer the privacy of practicing at home, online sessions make it easy to maintain a consistent yoga practice. Recieve the transformative power of yoga from the comforts of your home through your computer, tablet or smartphone with the simple touch of your fingertips.

Up to 2 people per session $60

3-5 people per session $100

5-10 people per session $130

Packages available upon request

Prenatal Yoga Sessions

Prenatal Yoga is a a safe and nurturing way to support your changing body during this special time. These sessions are designed to help you maintain your strength, flexibility, and balance, while also reducing stress and preparing your mind and body for childbirth. With a customized plan that caters to your unique needs and goals, I will work with you to safely modify poses as needed, offer customized adjustments, and provide personalized instruction to help you feel confident and comfortable in your practice. Prioritize your health and well-being during this time and experience the transformative power of becoming more attune with your body.

$70 per in person session 

$40 per online session

Packages available upon request